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I’m not in any means a fit person. I’m healthy (for the most part, as I currently have a cold), and I don’t eat the greatest or exercise regularly, but I do enjoy doing yoga. I’m a mom, and I work a forty-hour work week, on night shift, so unfortunately I don’t always feel like working out. I will make a plan at work with the mindset that I’ll go home and do a quick yoga sesh, but by the time I get home, I’m too tired and it’s a Hell No!!!


My routine when I get home from work is simple; I come in from working my night shift, and I am welcomed by the sounds of my beautiful daughter, calling me from her room, “hey mommy, you comin’? Mommy, you comin’?”  and once I put my stuff down, I’ll open her bedroom door and I’m greeted with “morning mommy!” It’s my favourite part of the day. I get her and her stuffed animal pals of her choice that day, and carry them over to her change table where I get her night diaper off and then let her down half naked so we can continue on our potty training adventure (see previous Straight Fire blog), I then ask her what she would like for breakfast (cottage cheese has been her answer every morning for the past two weeks), and put the television on either The Octonauts, Puppy Dog Pals or Paw Patrol (I can’t stand Paw Patrol, btw), while I feed the kitten and then clean the cat litter. I proceed to wake up my husband (on Monday’s and Wednesday’s; I stay up longer on Tuesday’s). There are the odd days where I think to myself, I could get in 25 minutes of yoga in, but then I either get busy playing with her, or cleaning up a bit, and by the time I’m done all that, I’m pooped! I’m sure anyone with small children know that doing a yoga routine with a 2 1/2 year old, is not an easy thing to do.

I have two favourite yoga DVD workouts that I love. I refuse to workout in public because I have some serious self-confidence issues that are mostly because I hate my body (another blog for another day). We have a very small house, and there isn’t a whole lot of room to do yoga, but I make it work. Anyways, my two favourite DVDs are Stratusphere Yoga and DDP Yoga. Both have similarities, but right now I’m using DDP Yoga (or DDPY).

What I love most about DDPY is that it’s challenging, and the only equipment you need is a yoga mat, some water and a heart rate monitor. I love that it’s challenging, and that the different DVD sets come with so many great routines, which target different areas or different reasons for doing yoga. Some are to help you gain mobility, balance, and flexibility. Some are there to build strength, and some are there for fat burning, and then you get the ones that do all of that. It’s amazing, and you can’t get bored. Diamond Dallas Paige is always coming out with new DVDs with new routines. And, you can modify every routine to make it your own and start of using the modifications that you need and work your way up to no longer needing those modifications. It’s amazing. I absolutely love it. It’s complex and doesn’t just focus on yoga. It’s an entire lifestyle change, promoting clean eating. The packages come with a chart for clean foods that you can eat, with portion sizes, and schedules, recipes, yoga chart, three different levels to help you achieve your goals. It’s amazing.

Stratusphere yoga is a bit quicker if you want it. There are five 10-minute workouts that you can choose from; Legs & Glutes, Ab & Core, Calves & Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps, and Chest & Back. You can even customize your routine from the menu. It’s been a while since I’ve done Stratusphere yoga. Now I’m thinking I need to whip this baby out and start working it. Lol!!

When I first started DDPY, I followed it to the best of my ability for two months. I know it doesn’t sound like long, but I saw and felt the results in a week. I had more energy, I felt my inches go down on my body. I just felt better. I was doing the clean eating as well. Gave up my precious Diet Coke, that was so hard for me. I got sick with hand, foot and mouth after my daughter managed to contract it, and I couldn’t do anything. My hands just burned in pain, and plus I was highly contagious, so food prep was difficult and my husband had no idea how to make my food. So I easily fell back into old habits, and I haven’t been able to get back on track since. Another reason is because for some dumb reason, non-processed, fresh foods are way more expensive when maintaining a clean-eating lifestyle, than it is to eat processed and junk foods. I’m thinking that is so backwards, that maybe if the processed and junk foods were more expensive and the fresh, non-processed stuff was less expensive, maybe there wouldn’t be an obesity issue among lower to mid-income families. I went from eating two meals a day with some shitty snack choices, to eating three well-balanced healthy meals and two healthy snacks a day. It added nearly an extra $200 a week, for just my food.  My daughter is a picky eater, which makes things difficult. I’m also a very picky eater, so following a list of foods and beverages that I can eat, was hard. There was lots of choices, but some foods I won’t eat. Which means I get bored faster with eating the same things over and over again.

Lets be real here, sometimes a girl just wants a giant plate of nachos (and if you knew how I made my nachos, you would see just how unhealthy, but delicious, they are). I’ll never really understand how some women can handle (or balance) being a working mom, who takes their kids to school, and then picks them up and takes them to their after school activities, making healthy meals, doing four or more loads of laundry, pinning crap on Pintrest, keeping the house perfectly clean, picking their kids up from said activities, going to the gym or yoga classes and getting sleep in. I’m going to have to call SHENANIGANS!!! It has to be as impossible as re-creating an “easy to do” Pintrest post. Impossible. I have one kid, and do not plan on having any more, and I can barely get the three loads of laundry I do on Saturday, folded and put away in the same week. I just cannot find the time to throw in a work-out routine.

The last time I did DDPY, I was doing it two to three times a week, and the very last time I did it with my daughter running around, she decided it was the best time to climb on my back during plank, and play “horsey”. Here I am, with my 30-Ibs toddler on my back, while in plank, and trying to slowly go down into cobra, and then push back into down dog, all the while trying not to dump her on the floor. I actually buggered up my back (even more than it has been, I’ve suffered back issues since I was 14) and my shoulder doing this. I would love to get her to do this with me, and maybe she will, however I just don’t see my little girl at the point in her life where she’s willing to listen to instruction and keep interest long enough to follow me or Diamond Dallas Paige on the television.

I love yoga. I love the way it makes me feel and I’m assuming my adorable hubs will agree, that I’m much more relaxed when I’m consistently doing it.  Maybe it’s time to get back into it. When I have 20-30 minutes, toss in the DDPY dvd, or if I only have 10 minutes, toss in the Stratusphere dvd. It probably couldn’t hurt me to work on my eating habits. Give up the pop again, and watch my portion sizes. Cut out the crap, but at the same time not deny myself completely. It’s time to start doing kettlebell again too. Baby steps, right? Maybe teach my daughter to do yoga with me, so then maybe I’ll be more motivated to do yoga, because it means we are spending time together and being active at the same time. I’ll post some links below so everyone can check out my favourite DVDs and even my favourite Kettlebell routine (which trust me, is killer, but excellent).

If anyone have any requests on topics for me to cover in a new blog, you can post it here in the comments, or hit me up on the twitter @OrcaDiva80. Thanks for reading!

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Beluga Palooza!!!!!

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Welcome back! I wanted to talk about a very special event taking place in Toronto on November 1st, 2017 at the Opera House. It’s a fundraising event to help the Phil Demers who is being sued by Marineland.

Belgua Palooza

The event is being put on by an amazing non-profit organization called Ontario Captive Animal Watch (aka OCAW). They are supporters of Phil Demers who spoke out against the treatment of the animals being held captive at the Niagara Falls amusement park called Marineland (Feel free to Google Toronto Star Marineland Investigation article). Phil took a huge risk after leaving his job of working with the Walruses for 12 years in order to speak out against the many issues that were taking place behind the scenes. The OSPCA have spent a large amount of time investigating this facility, however, with the lack of experience with Marine Mammals, have never placed any charges regarding the Belugas, Dolphins, Seals, Sea Lions, Walruses, and the one lone Orca. However, the OSPCA this past November charged Marineland with eleven counts of animal cruelty (guinea hens, peacocks, deers, and bears). The charges were dropped this past summer due to the excuse of “lack of public interest”. I can assure you, there was tons of public interest in this matter. With all that aside, Phil knew that once he went public to the Toronto Star, he would be sued by his former employer. And sure enough, he is. In turn, he is also counter-suing the facility, and it is extremely imperative that we get this lawsuit going in order to allow Phil and his lawyers to examine Marineland Owner and Operator, John Holer (google his name too) on the stand.

Directly from the Event page, here is the event description:


Come lend support for Phil Demers in his ongoing battle against Marineland!

This is sure to be an exciting evening full of fantastic music and events!

We are extremely pleased to have OMFG (Old Man Flanagan’s Ghost) and Kevin Foster in attendance to lend their exceptional talents in support of this event.

There will also be a silent auction, 50/50 draw, special guest appearances and a Q&A with Phil Demers.

In 2012, Phil Demers and several other former employee’s at Marineland came forward to expose their concerns regarding the treatment of the animals at Marineland. In doing so, they are now facing multi-million dollar civil suits – but have still not wavered.

Ontario Captive Animal Watch has been involved on several levels throughout this fight and we are also very concerned for these animals. We stand firm in our position and support these brave individuals, through and through, who have come forward and risked it all for those animals.

It is our position, that through these civil suits, we may be able to obtain pertinent information and documents to further assist the animals in the future.


*Tickets $35 (or $40 at door)

*19+ event

*Cash bar

*This is a charitable not for profit/educational event. All proceeds will go to Phil Demers to continue his fight for those animals.

The Opera House

735 Queen St. E

Toronto, ON

M4M 1H1

7pm to 10:30pm

If you look back on some of my past writings before I officially started this blog, you’ll see some of my writings about Marineland.

So if you’re in the Toronto or southern Ontario area, or even further but believe in the cause, please come out and join us at this amazing event. I’ll include links at the end so no googling is required.

I first got into this cause around the time the Marineland article came out in the Toronto Star, but I’ve always loved whales and all marine mammals ever since I was seven years old. This is an issue that is very near and dear to my heart. All animals matter and it’s important that after decades of research of animals in captivity, the only thing that we have learned is, they just don’t belong in captivity. I’m not trying to be preachy here, but many people now days don’t want to see this barbaric practice (ok that was a little preachy). Places, like Marineland, that don’t seem to care about anything but profit, need to stop and evolve.

Thanks so much for reading, and please check out the links below, and hope that you all will check out the event.